Awaken Artist - Antonio F. Schittzer

Hey, welcome to my website.

My name is Antonio and I'm from Italy.


I started doing graphic works for fun (in fact I learned the Adobe Suite on my own over the years) until, being very close to the world of organization of events and parties, I started working on the posters for the most disparate clubs in my city and began to see it as a real job.

The turning point was given to me by the American rapper DDG who launched a contest on making the cover for his song "Toxic" and chose mine among all those who participated.

Thanks to his fame, many emerging rappers began to contact and send friends to me, making me lay the foundations for what is now officially a legally recognized business.

I am very satisfied with where I have arrived but I consider this only the beginning of a great path that I am sure, thanks to my ambition, will lead to great things.

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